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Time: Monday's 4pm - 6pm

Room: Appleton Tower 6.06

The club starts with its first session in week 2 (22.01.18)

This completely voluntary, no credits club is for undergraduate students to get more practical programming experience. It is held once a week during term time. For a couple of hours in a relaxed lab students have the chance to work on different challenges and fun programming projects.

Next to programming projects we offer exercises in competitive programming. You can find an approximate order of topics in the table below.

We will updated this page with slides, documents and other resources presented weekly during the club.


Date Session Fun Project Competition Topic
22.01.18 Project Sudoku
Sorting and Greedy algorithms
29.01.18 Project Dynamic Programming
05.02.18 Project Graphs (representation, DFS, BFS, Dijkstra)
12.02.18 Project Binary Search applications
19.02.18 FLW Felxible Learning Week - No Club today
26.02.18 Special Programming Competition
05.03.18 Project ChatBot
Text algorithms (KMP & hashing)
12.03.18 Project Data Structures (Sets, Maps, Queues, Lists…)
19.03.18 Project Tree-like Data Structures (Segment Tree, BST)
26.03.18 Project Geometry (Cross Product, Convex Hull)

Beginner Friendly Problems


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